Smart Deal – Antivirus Software


Of course, free Antivirus software is better than nothing. In today’s open source internet world we don’t like to pay for products. I get it. I like to get stuff for free too, but, let’s look at the reality. The bad guys are out there, and they are good at what they do. Often, they are organized syndicates, paid off by even bigger organized “syndicates” (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more). And with every computer on the internet potentially linked to every other computer the odds are against the average computer user. Free antivirus software versions are really just teaser programs to get us to upgrade to the paid version of software. Very often the free versions are slower to receive critical updates and do not come with support. This is for good reason, it takes money to fight crime. Virus and Malware programs are popping up everyday! The antivirus companies have to pay to keep the quality programmers they hire, and keep the software up to quality standards.

A few years ago, I started thinking about how important my computer is to me. I store a lot of files on my computer, over 9,000 photos, almost 17,000 music files, and countless other documents and programs. Also, I use my computer every day and when my internet goes down, or I lose an integral piece of hardware, I am lost, frustrated, and can think of nothing else until I can get it fixed. Not to mention that my computer wasn’t cheap. I spent a lot of hard earned dollars on my system.

If your computer is as important to you, as mine is to me:



OUR COMPUTERS ARE WORTH HUNDREDS, OFTEN THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. Yet we become “frugal” when it comes to protecting them. Is $50 or $80 really too much to protect your investment?
I recommend either of the following Internet Security programs. They both consistently receive “Advanced +” ratings [1] [2]

Kaspersky Internet Security
3 PC License = $80
email scanning
Hourly signature updates
small performance impact for max PC performance

Avast Internt Security
3 PC License = $50
email scanning
small performance impact for max PC performance


Freebie: Foxit PDF Reader


Foxit Software offers a super fast PDF reader. Foxit Reader is so fast you’ll be wondering why you haven’t been using it for years. I have, and I love it. The best part… Foxit Reader will allow you to type over a PDF file.

Let’s say you need to fill out a form and mail or fax it to a company. Foxit Reader will allow you to type on that form and then print it out with all your added information included. Why print out a form and then handwrite the information into areas that are too small? This option is included in the FREE version. It is truly awesome! I use this feature all the time. Try it out for yourself.

Hot Deal: 1TB External Hard Drive

1 TB External Hard Drive (USB or eSATA) – $65 after rebate – Deal Ends 10/04/2010 – Cavalry Passio 1TB USB 2.0 / eSATA Black External Hard Drive CAXH3701T0.

I’ll tell you why this is a good deal, and possibly why its a GREAT deal. I personally purchased the above listed external hard drive about 3 months ago and it works great, fast and quiet.  If you need storage, but do not like opening up your PC and installing hardware this is a good deal. I challenge you to find a 1TB external hard drive for only $65. Plus you will have an eSATA cable already attached to a back-end PC bracket which you can keep for later or resell (it is packaged separately). However, if you are comfortable with installing new hardware onto your PC’s motherboard, then this is a GREAT deal. One of the main reason I purchased this drive was because it included the above mentioned eSATA cable already attached to a back-end PC bracket, which allows you to reuse that eSATA connection for other eSATA ready devices.  I received the external HD in quick typical Newegg fashion, opened up my PC connected the eSATA port, and powered on the PC and the hard drive.  It behaved flawlessly, even after a major power outage due to storms.  Newegg is also exceptional with customer services and speedy deliveries!

Rebate Requirements: $25 dollar Mail-in-Rebate (MIR). Requires UPC, Receipt, and fill out online form online in order to get the required rebate code. Mail it in and wait 6-8 weeks.