Get report name, package, and path from Cognos content store database

Query the Cognos Content Store Database

While working with a client on a Cognos upgrade effort, I was asked to provide a list of each report by the package it sourced. Since I am a database fanatic I prefer to get this information directly from the Cognos content store. Ultimately, I was able to provide a list with each Report name, package and path for each report by using the query provided below.

The Cognos content store has a lot of valuable information. Unfortunately, it is not always so easy to find this information. Have you ever been asked where a specific report can be found in Cognos? Or better yet, have you had to find all the existing reports that use a certain package? Below you will find a query useful for finding Report Name, Package and Path information from the Cognos content store database.

Let us know in the comments if you have done something similar or encountered any challenges around using the content store as a data source.

This example works with Cognos 10 running on an Oracle database. In addition, it will also work on the Cognos 8 content store.

--  COGNOS CONTENT STORE QUERY (Oracle database)
--  Use to find list REPORT_NAME, PACKAGE and SEARCH-PATH
WITH base_query AS
(select classid,
         cmobjects.pcmid, as report_name
    from cognos_c84.cmobjects, cognos_c84.cmobjnames
   where cmobjects.cmid = cmobjnames.cmid
     and classid in (10)
     and cmobjnames.mapdlocaleid = 24
  select classid,
         cmobjects.cmid  as cmid,
         cmobjects.pcmid, as report_name
    from cognos_c84.cmobjects, cognos_c84.cmobjnames
   where cmobjects.cmid = cmobjnames.cmid
     and cmobjects.cmid in
         (select distinct cmobjects.pcmid from cognos_c84.cmobjects)
     and cmobjnames.mapdlocaleid = 24)
, ctebuildpath (cmid,pcmid,report_name,Hlevel,classid,directory_path) AS
(select base_query.cmid,
       1 as Hlevel,
       to_char(base_query.report_name) as directory_path
  from base_query
where report_name = 'Public Folders' /* add myfolders to retrieve reports from my folders of users */
union all
select recur.cmid,
       cte.Hlevel + 1 as Hlevel,
       to_char(cte.directory_path || ' > ' || recur.report_name) as directory_path
  from base_query recur, ctebuildpath cte
where cte.cmid = recur.pcmid)
, report_spec AS
(select spec,
       instr(spec,'/package[@name=')+15 as startposition,
       instr(spec, ']/model[@name=')-instr(spec,'/package[@name=')-15 as endposition
  from cognos_c84.cmobjprops7
where spec is not null)
SELECT report_name,
       dbms_lob.substr(spec, endposition, startposition) as package,
  FROM ctebuildpath cte, report_spec rep
WHERE cte.classid = 10
   and cte.cmid = rep.cmid
order by directory_path, report_name

Also see our User, Group, and Role query

Be aware that future patches or hotfixes from the vendor may cause this SQL to fail or return incorrect results. There is a better method for returning this information by using the Cognos SDK. More info here.

Thanks to Cognos with Hari for putting this together using SQL Server Content Store.

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