About Us

JJ’s Web Works For You

JJ’s Web Works began as a small business web design and hosting company in 2005. We recently began sharing our experiences with online money making in order to help others make informed decisions.  JJ’s Web Works is an internet based company that is operated out of the Austin, Texas area.

JJ’s Web Works is a site about finding and making money online. We will NOT be promoting or selling a “system” for making Internet Millions. Our mission is much simpler and less questionable than those gimmick sites. We hope to help you find money online, and sometimes off-line too, as well as reviewing and providing access to other ideas for money making online. We will bring you exceptional Internet Deals and other Internet Freebies for the things you want and need. We will continue to blog about our progress and pitfalls while making money online and through this site we hope to provide a model for those of you committed enough to try to make money online by following our example.

OUR MISSION: Discuss and deliver Internet Freebies and other Exceptional Deals.  As well as provide honest reviews of internet money making systems, and detail our process for making money online.

If you feel the need to contact us, please send us an Email.