How I started making money online – Part II

So you’ve followed me this far… Or, you just started with this posting, who knows. So far, I’ve discussed a web hosting service that is required for getting online (see Part I). The next item to detail would be the actual building of a site. As I previously indicated, I am very comfortable with computer software and troubleshoot the various issues that computers can throw your direction, but when I started building web pages I didn’t really know that much about HTML. I did NOT just open a word document and start designing a web page. I knew enough about web pages to know that one needs some web design software to help build and manage a web site. Listen, I know that Part I and Part II have been about purchasing products and services, and you are probably more interested in actually making money online, but slow down a bit we’ll get there. To be fair, you do need to pay some money in order to get online, I just want you to pay for valid services and/or software that is legitimate and will help you. I want you to avoid paying for a “system” that promises to make you tons of money online. As I said, it starts out slow, and then with work it grows. Once again I had a friend who recommended the following web design software: Adobe Dreamweaver CS5. Let me tell you this has been a true life saver. As previously mentioned when I started over 5 years ago I knew only a little HTML. Well, Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 was very helpful. It comes with built in lessons for the beginner, and even better it let’s you visually design the page while it converts it to HTML in the background. Or you can jump over to the HTML side in order to add a little code snippet, if you are comfortable with that. and refresh the page to view how the code worked. Also, Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 allows you to view the page in any browser prior to publishing it on the web, so you can see you work ahead of time.

However, here is real reason that Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 is truly helpful, TEMPLATES. A template allow you to create any number of child web pages off the base design of you parent web page. For example your web page might contain background colors, a page title (like “JJ’s Web Works” above), a menu bar, a body section, and a footer section with your business email or phone number. Let’s say you have 6 pages on your site and you want to update your email address. If you used a template, you would only need to update the email address on your template page and save it, Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 will prompt you if you would like to update all the child pages. Then it will automatically update all 6 pages for you! This feature has saved me many hours of redoing the same update to multiple pages over and over and over again.

Just like HostRocket in Part I, I have been using Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 for over 5 years now and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. If you are ready to improve your online adventure I would recommend that you follow any of the Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 referral links from this site, rather than going directly to the website, this is one of the ways that I make my money online and can continue to offer a quality and informative site like this one.

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